The situation of Wednesday 10 March on the Coronavirus in Campania

The number of Coronavirus infections recorded in Campania is still high: according to what was reported in the latest bulletin of the Regional Crisis Unit, 2,709 new cases emerged from the analysis of 23,591 swabs. Therefore, the positivity rate – the ratio of positive swabs to those analyzed – also remains high, standing at 11.48%. Furthermore, according to the latest data released by the Campania Region, it can be seen that, unfortunately, the number of deaths is still high: in fact, there were 45 new deaths, while for days the number of healed has not been able to equal or exceed that of new cases. These data inevitably translate into an increase in pressure on hospitals and therefore in hospitalizations, both in ordinary hospital wards and in intensive care units.

Meanwhile, the latest data on the progress of the Coronavirus pandemic in Campania have also certified that it is the third region in Italy for the number of Sars-Cov-2 positives since the beginning of the pandemic, behind only Lombardy and Veneto: they were 289,574 people infected with Coronavirus in Campania in one year. The cases that have so far been registered in Campania represent 9.33% of the total cases that have been registered in Italy since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. Campania is also the fifth region of the boot for swabs performed, which were 3,126,088, while it is in seventh place, unfortunately, for the number of deaths, which instead were 4,550. Naples and its province, of course, the most affected area, with almost triple the cases compared to Caserta and Salerno, second and third respectively.


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