Loans to citizens, which banks assess as potentially problematic, have grown by 9% since the beginning of the year and reached 418 billion rubles by August 1, follows from the statistics of the Bank of Russia on the risks of lending to citizens. Compared to last year’s value, the indicator increased by 11%. The amount of 418 billion rubles. – this is the difference between how many reserves for possible losses were created by banks in total (1.375 trillion rubles), and how much of this amount fell on bad loans – with a delay of 90 days (957 billion rubles). The indicator reflects how much banks estimate the expected losses from loans that are still working, including due to delays, the representative of the Central Bank explained. This figure is now at a record level.

Working loans include loans without delay or if it is less than 90 days. But 418 billion rubles. also take into account collateral, which allows you to reduce the amount of expected losses, said the representative of the Central Bank.


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