The snow did not stop her: City beat West Ham 1: 2

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English League 21-22

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Ilkai Gonduan Celebrates (Reuters)

In the shadow of the heavy snow in England, Manchester City hosted West Ham tonight (Sunday), defeated them 1: 2 and returned to second place in the Premier League, this in the 13th round. In addition, Leicester celebrated 2: 4 over Watford, while Everton surrendered 1: 0 to Brentford. Tottenham’s game against Burnley has been postponed due to weather conditions.

Manchester City – West Ham 1: 2

After the big win over Paris Saint-Germain and securing first place in the Champions League home stage, Pep Guardiola’s side may have struggled in the snow against David Moyes’ strong side, who knocked them out of the League Cup earlier this season, but came out with three important points that helped them pass Liverpool on point. For the Hammers, this is the second straight loss in the league, but they are still in fourth place. The one who scored the first goal in the 33rd minute is Ilkai Gonduan, the second was added by veteran Fernandinho in the 90th minute, just three minutes after coming on as a substitute. Manuel Lenzini’s shrinking goal in the 95th minute did not change too much.

Manchester City players celebrate (Reuters)Manchester City players celebrate (Reuters)

Lester – Watford 2: 4

The Foxes celebrated their first victory after three rounds, the Wasps returned to Suram. James Madison scored first in a great performance in the 16th minute, Joshua King equalized on a penalty in the 29th minute, but the unfinished Jamie Vardy recorded a great double even before the break, scoring in the 34th and 42nd minutes, one of them From a difficult angle. Admola Lockman completed in the 68th minute.

Leicester players celebrate (Reuters)Leicester players celebrate (Reuters)

Brentford – Everton 0: 1

The new and surprising immigrant overtook the topiz in the table and moved away from the bottom. The visitors were better and threatened to score 14 times compared to only five by the locals, but these stung thanks to an accurate penalty by Ivan Tony in the 24th minute, when they managed to maintain the advantage.

Ivan Tony Celebrates (Reuters)Ivan Tony Celebrates (Reuters)

Burnley – Tottenham: The game is postponed

Tottenham were supposed to meet Burnley, but the weather conditions did not allow for the scheduled meeting for 16:00. A blizzard hit the Predator Moore Stadium, and the Roosters, who were hoping to climb towards the top at the expense of one of the weakest teams in the league, will be forced to return to London. A new date for the meeting has not yet been set.

Snowstorm on the pitch (Reuters)Snowstorm on the pitch (Reuters)
Snow on the pitch (Reuters)Snow on the pitch (Reuters)
Attempt to clear the snow on the pitch (Reuters)Attempt to clear the snow on the pitch (Reuters)
Snow on the pitch (Reuters)Snow on the pitch (Reuters)


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