The Social Security budget definitively adopted by Parliament

In a now well-established role-playing game, the National Assembly rejected on the evening of Friday December 2 a new motion of censure by Nupes against the government, leading to the final adoption by Parliament of the Social Security budget for 2023.

The motion collected only 87 votes, far from the absolute majority of the 288 necessary to bring down the government. This debate followed the triggering of the constitutional weapon of 49.3 by Elisabeth Borne on Wednesday, for the seventh time on a budget text this fall, in order to pass this bill without a vote.

In front of a sparse hemicycle, Elisabeth Borne deplored that the succession of motions of censure had “significantly reduced the time useful for debate” : just on this budget, “6 motions of censure, more than in three years for Michel Rocard”, scolded the Prime Minister, quite annoyed. Prime Minister between 1988 and 1991, the socialist is the one who most used 49.3.

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“You spin like a broken record”launched LFI deputy Manuel Bompard on Friday, against a background of apostrophes on the left as to a “end of reign” macronists. “We have to put the chicken back on the egg: without 49.3, no motion of censure”recalled Moetai Brotherson, of the communist group.

The RN did not join the Nupes

assuring seek “relentlessly compromising in good faith”the head of government proposed to the opposition “to engage in a discussion, in transparency, on the way” of “discuss at greater length the substance of the texts”rather than giving “the spectacle of heartbreak and sterile debates”.

Neither the LR deputies nor the independents of the Liot group were present.

The RN group did not join its voices to those of the left, unlike previous times. “We are not here to serve as an advertising agency” à la Nupes but “for the future, we do not forbid ourselves anything”, warned his speaker Laurent Jacobelli. The text of the Nupes had marked its distances: “There will never be complacency or collusion with the far right”. Sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voted for the motion.

The Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) was approved just in time, on the eve of the expiration of the 50-day review period set by the Constitution.

This draft budget provides for health prevention measures (appointment at key ages in life), the rise in the price of tobacco, anti-social fraud provisions, and again the creation of a fourth year of internship in general medicine “in priority” in medical deserts.

Savings are also planned, in particular of 250 million on medical analysis laboratories. They are on strike until Saturday against this “plane stroke” on their profits.

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Ms. Borne boasted “Massive resources for our hospital” and measures to protect “more fragile”when the left was pointing “a health system at the end of its tether”.

Pension reform postponed to another bill

The discussions were limited in the hemicycle by the succession of 49.3 activated sometimes preventively, and allowing the government to choose the amendments retained.

Dominated by the right, the Senate had rejected Tuesday in new reading this draft budget, being annoyed that the government had “swept away” his amendments “iconic”. Among these, one called for raising the retirement age to 64 – a consistent Senate marker for several years.

But the government has chosen to propose its reform in another upcoming bill, the outlines of which will be announced in mid-December and which is strongly agitating people’s minds. “You stepped back to jump better”affirmed the rebellious Manuel Bompard, saying to himself “ready for battle” and announcing a fashion show in Paris on January 21, “at the call of the youth”. Ms Borne hopes, with “Republicans for example”power “find a way”she told the newspaper The Parisian.

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This controversial reform could be the subject of a draft amending budget for Social Security, which would make it possible to use 49.3 again if necessary, at the beginning of 2023. In the meantime, Parliament must definitively adopt the 2023 budget of the State, for which the tenant of Matignon has already engaged its responsibility via 49.3 twice.

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