The soldiers trusted the commander, he secretly photographed them: “Everything turned out to be a lie”

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Dan Sharoni

“There was more than Dad. Everything turned out to be a lie.” Lt. Col. Dan Sharoni

(From Facebook)

He is an officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel. They are young conscripts or serve permanently, under him. He pretended to be a considerate, accommodating and caring commander. They trusted him and saw him as a father figure. But in secret, for five years, Lt. Col. Dan Sharoni, commander of the driving school at BAD 6, secretly photographed them naked. Yesterday (Wednesday) it was made public that Sharoni is the officer who was arrested on November 9 on suspicion of committing sexual offenses and invading the privacy of female soldiers regularly and permanently in his unit.

Lt. Col. Sharoni is suspected of for about five years, and at a number of different bases, secretly documenting female soldiers and female servants using hidden cameras and transferring the materials to his mobile phone. He collected intimate photos of female soldiers who served under his command, Was opened following numerous complaints against him, and currently Ronnie is suspected in dozens of different cases in which he photographed women.

One of his alleged victims yesterday posted a post on Instagram that went viral, in which she revealed her personal story. “Dan Sharoni. Remember that name. Dan is my commander who accompanies me throughout my military journey. And I will also introduce you – Lt. Col. Dan Sharoni, 39, intelligence, father of three, sex pervert, sexually harassing and mostly zero. “Lt. Col. Dan Sharoni chose to photograph over 30 girls in secret for five years. I am one of them,” she wrote.

“Dan put me in isolation in his room. I came across a number of chargers connected to sockets and received an explicit instruction from him not to take any of them out. In retrospect it was discovered that everything was networked with cameras that broadcast me 24/7 straight to my lieutenant general’s phone.”

The soldier, who was Lt. Col. Sharoni’s lieutenant colonel, added: “Dan was more to me than Dad, he always knew how to say the right things at the right time, knew how to be a commander, a friend and was the most real and with me. In retrospect it turned out everything was false. I can not remain silent, especially when it comes to a senior person in such a significant system.

“A month ago Dan chose to put me in solitary confinement at the base in his room, why in his room? If you were to ask me then I would say that he is like my father and that he cares for me. Ask me today – I will tell you exactly why. When I entered Dan’s room I came across several charges Connected to sockets and I received an explicit instruction from him not to take out any of these charges, in retrospect it was discovered that everything was networked cameras – a camera in front of the bed, a camera in the shower, a camera in the bathroom and all sorts of places that only sex perverts can think of. Drying, sleeping – straight to the phone of my lieutenant colonel, who while having conversations with me is it nice for me to take a shower in his shower. “

She signed the post with the words: “I trusted Dan and put my military service in his hands and he in return destroyed it for me, so thank you Lt. Col. Dan Sharoni for the trauma that will accompany me for many years when they ask me ‘how was my military service’.”

Sharoni, as mentioned, was arrested about three weeks ago and his detention was extended from time to time, as well as at a hearing held yesterday in the military court in the Kirya – where it was decided to extend his detention until Monday. The investigation into his case is being conducted by the IDF – Southern Sq.

The testimony of the commander of Gilboa Prison in the government investigation committee for the escape of the six security prisoners began yesterday with an attack on the Commissioner of the Prison Service, and continued with a surprising reference regarding the sexual harassment case in prison in 2017. Gondar Deputy Freddy Ben Sheetrit, who was a senior IPS official at the time, said under oath that “Pimped in compulsory female soldiers“He added that” female soldiers provided terrorists with sexual needs. “

Gen. Freddy Ben Sheetrit in the investigation committee for the escape of the prisoners from Gilboa Prison

(Photo: Meir Turgeman)

Ben Sheetrit referred in his remarks to the removal of an intelligence officer from Gilboa Prison after it was alleged that he allegedly ordered guards who had been sexually harassed to be placed in the wing with a security prisoner in order to achieve “industrial silence.” Ben Sheetrit called it “compulsory female soldiers being bullied by security prisoners,” adding: “I marked for myself how such an incident does not happen in prison. I saw it as compulsory, they were like my children to me.”

This testimony is the first backing of a number of former wardens including 26-year-old Yael (pseudonym), who was a young warden when she was sexually harassed about five years ago by security prisoner Muhammad Atallah, after being sent to his wing under the instructions of the intelligence officer who was in contact with him. Last night, after the testimony of the Gilboa prison commander, Yael told her lawyer Galia Shmilovich: “It took me back. Everything they tried to hide was exposed and came out in the committee.”

The intelligence officer, the main defendant in the case revealed by the reporter Liran Levy, even later returned to the prison service. “I want justice to be served, and for the State Attorney’s Office to re-investigate the case against IPS personnel,” Yael added.

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Freddie Ben SheetritFreddie Ben Sheetrit

“IPS Sirser in prisons.” Commander of Gilboa Prison

(Photo: Yair Sagi, Dana Kopel)

Yael encountered the security prisoner after she was released from the IDF and returned to work as a prison guard at Gilboa Prison. The prisoner, who was walking around the prison freely and without handcuffs, called her to come to him – He told her that if she did not work for him, he would “rebel.” A few days later, the intelligence officer sent Yael to accompany Atallah from place to place, and with these escorts, he established the interaction between him and her.

An indictment was filed against the security prisoner Atallah, but no charges were filed against the then prison commander, the intelligence officer and the involved IPS officials.

Advocate Keren Barak, representing two other wardens, said: “It is unfortunate to understand that only today is the system willing to admit to these horrific acts after trying for years to present my authority in a humiliating and degrading manner. I have no doubt that now with exposure, it is time to reopen the cases against the officers and stop the shameful rendering. “


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