“The solution to the Alitalia affair is like the Rubik’s cube”, says Giovannini

Time.news – The solution to the Alitalia dossier is a sort of Rubik’s cube. The definition comes from the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, who admits the difficulty of the issue but at the same time reaffirms the government’s will “to start the national carrier”. “It is a complex game also because from Brussels there is a very clear position to avoid state aid”, explains. A difficult puzzle for those who are working on it and which tomorrow will see the trade unions and commissioners busy.

“The negotiation is delicate and is underway – adds the minister – we met Commissioner Vestager, we will have another meeting shortly in the meantime, the technicians are working. It is a Rubik’s cube because the issue is not only national but there is a very strong attention from other international companies that legitimately claim that the European rules are observed. It is a difficult game but we are very committed to this also because we believe there is room for a robust national carrier “.

The minister does not comment on the rumors regarding the new industrial plan of Ita, the newco Alitalia, which would see a smaller company than the pre-pandemic one. “I’m not going to go into this – the host of Sky Tg24 Economy answered – because it’s not just a game that concerns airplanes, but there is the issue of handling, maintenance, it is really very complex”.

In the government, Giovannini reiterates, there is “the commitment to launch a robust national carrier capable of making alliances”. “All the plans made before the Covid-19 crisis must be reviewed in light of the fact that air transport, not only in Italy, will be one of those sectors that will more slowly return to normal or perhaps, for a certain point of view, not he will come back because in the meantime certain transport channels will be preferred by people but above all by goods “, highlights the minister.

Meanwhile, the appreciation of the EU Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, came from Brussels for the meeting held with the government last Friday. Friday’s meeting with the Italian ministers (Giovannini, Giorgetti and Franco) on Alitalia “was constructive and very good”, says Vestager. “Expectations were high and were confirmed by the meeting,” he adds.

Tomorrow at 4 pm the commissioners of Alitalia, Giuseppe Leogrande, Daniele Santosuosso and Gabriele Fava will meet Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Air transport. The appointment is the first between the workers’ organizations and the two new commissioners, Santosuosso and Fava, appointed by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti.

What worries the unions is the financial situation of the old company and the new Ita plan which sees 45 aircraft compared to the 52 of the previous plan and the 104 of the pre-Covid era. The EU is also asking for a tender for aviation and a separate transfer of handling and maintenance. Stew hypothesis that has always been opposed by the unions.

The liquidity problem is also on the table. The wages for February were paid only on March 1st and the unions fear delays for March as well. The EU’s ok is expected to Covid refreshment points for a total of 55 million euros.
In the negotiations with Brussels, the government is also aiming at the sale of the aviation branch through a private negotiation also to shorten the times.



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