The Sonic Frontiers director has commented on the possibility of dropping Sonic’s Boost mechanic in the next game.

The Sonic Frontiers director has commented on the possibility of dropping Sonic’s Boost mechanic in the next game.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 9:00 PM 02 PM, Indochina time.

director of Sonic Frontiers Share his thoughts on scrapping the mechanism. Boost for the next game The latest mainstream entry of the franchise.Sonic There are quite a few changes to the series, both in terms of narrative and Gameplay instead of a game Adventure type stage-by-stage but game Sonic Frontiers got different The game encourages players to explore various islands and biomes. which players must collect Chaos Emeralds to fight with the boss of the island like Titans in the world Open-world extensive, the mechanism Gameplay Much of the previous games have been refined for this game, including the mechanics. Boost as well

director of the game Sonic Frontiers at Morio Kishimoto Answered the questions of many fans on Twitter In the last few months since the game’s release, Whether it’s a response to criticism about the final boss fight of Sonic Frontiers or general game development questions One of the questions he was asked was, is there anything he would like to replicate for? Gameplay Boost or not, to which he replied that for the next game He wanted to try making a game without mechanics. Boost

User Twitter Reply to the tweet of Morio Kishimoto with some agreeing to remove the mechanism while some believe Boost That works and needs more tweaking to support things like momentum. One of the answers from Kishimoto Indicates that the team understands the benefits of Boost explaining that he was experimenting with the game in conjunction with moves such as Spin Dash of Sonic He also commented that he would like to try out a level design that doesn’t rely on mechanics. make it the style of the series Sonic Adventure more

Sonic Frontiers have seen change Gameplay The biggest series in years by the independence of Open-zone It received a lot of praise from fans and reviewers. But there are still many obstacles that affect certain aspects of the game, which Morio Kishimoto Has stated that he is open to those criticism. He also said that Frontiers as a template for games Sonic The next part, he called this. “third-generation” of the franchise as well

Sonic Frontiers Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintedo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S


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