The Spanish Research Ethics Committee will ensure responsible science

The Spanish Research Ethics Committee will ensure responsible science

2023-06-03 17:56:15

The Minister of Science and Innovation, together with the members of the Committee.

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, has chaired the Casa de la Ciencia del CSIC in Valencia the meeting for the constitution of the Spanish Research Ethics Committee, a new independent and advisory body that will ensure responsible science and the integrity of its professionals.

The minister stressed that the creation of this Committee, which has been launched today, implies the development of the new Law on Science, Technology and Innovation. “We are making a commitment to science like never before in the history of Spain and we want to accompany it with an ethical commitment”, Morant stated.

Among the functions of the Committee is to issue reports, proposals and recommendations on matters related to professional ethics in scientific and technical research, as well as scientific integrity and responsible research.

It will also establish the general principles for the development of codes of good practice for scientific and technical research, which will include the treatment of conflicts of interest. These codes will be developed by the ethics committees of organizations that conduct and fund research.

Likewise, the Committee will represent Spain in forums and supranational and international organizations related to scientific integrity, responsible research and research ethics, except in matters of bioethics in which the representation of Spain will correspond to the Bioethics Committee of Spain.

During this first meeting, Morant has asked the Committee for a report on the conflict of interest of research staff and another on the ethical implications of research in artificial intelligence.

The members of the Committee have unanimously decided to elect Jordi Camí (Barcelona Biomedical Research Park) as president and Nuria Sebastián (Pompeu Fabra University) as vice-president.

This body is made up of 12 experts of recognized prestige in fields such as bioethics, law, philosophy of science, artificial intelligence, biotechnology or animal experimentation.

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