the Spanish world champions refuse the summons of their federation – Libération

the Spanish world champions refuse the summons of their federation – Libération

2023-09-19 08:02:36

On strike after the Rubiales affair, 15 of the 23 world champions announced that they did not want to return to the selection, demanding a total overhaul of Spanish football authorities.

The Spanish football federation still does not seem to understand the notion of consent. The majority of Spanish internationals, on strike after the Rubiales affair, reaffirmed Monday, a few hours after the announcement of the first list of the new coach Montse Tomé, their “desire not to be summoned”, considering that the Federation was “not in a position to require their presence”. “What was expressed in our press release last Friday makes clear and without any other possible interpretation our firm desire not to be summoned for justified reasons. These declarations remain in full force,” we can read in the press release published in the evening on X by double Ballon d’Or Alexia Putellas.

Friday September 15, 15 of the 23 Spanish world champions announced that they did not want to return to the selection, demanding a total overhaul of the Spanish football authorities, after the forced kiss of the former president of the Federation, Luis Rubiales, imposed on the number 10 Jenni Hermoso. But they were still called up on Monday for the next Nations League matches by the new coach Montse Tomé, who however left Jenni Hermoso aside to “protect” her. The player, who currently plays for Mexican club Pachuca, expressed her support for her teammates. “The players are very clear that this is another divisive and manipulative strategy to intimidate us and threaten us with legal repercussions and economic sanctions,” she said in a released statement. on X.

Reacting to the coach’s comments, Hermoso asked: “Protect me from what, or from whom?”, stressing that the same people who seek confidence in the Federation “are today publishing a list of players who have asked not to be summoned”. “I would like to express all my support to my teammates who, today, were surprised and forced to react to a new unfortunate situation caused by the people who continue to make decisions within the Federation today,” said added Hermoso.

An announcement which according to the Spanish press surprised the players, who considered that they had been quite clear. In the press release published Monday evening, and written in the name of the “players of the Spanish women’s first team”, without further details on the signatories, the Spaniards assure that they will “study the possible legal consequences” to which they are exposed ” to make the best decision for (their) future and (their) health.” According to the Spanish press, refusing to join their selection could go so far as to cause them to lose their license for several years.

“Participate in this change”

“We think it is relevant to clarify that the summons was not made in time and in the proper manner. […] And we therefore understand that the RFEF is not able to require our presence,” insist the players, referring to a Fifa article which stipulates that the Federation must give at least 15 days’ notice. “We regret once again that our federation places us in a position that we never wanted to occupy,” they conclude.

Despite the resignation of Luis Rubiales and the dismissal of coach Jorge Vilda, whose methods they criticized, they have still not been convinced by their leaders. The latter reiterated on Monday their intention to make “structural changes”, urging the 39 internationals who refuse to return to the selection to “participate in this change”. A formula taken up by Montse Tomé at a press conference.

“The players are professionals and I am sure that they will do their job well, they have been doing it for a long time,” declared the coach, perhaps too confident when unveiling her first list in the afternoon. “I know they will be with us tomorrow,” she assured. The former FC Barcelona player also retained in her list Mapi León and Patri Guijarro, not selected for the World Cup and part of the “fifteen rebels” who had already requested changes in the working methods of the national team one year ago.

In total, nineteen signatories of the initial press release are part of the list presented on Monday, but they seem determined not to join the gathering on Tuesday before the matches against Sweden on Friday and Switzerland next week in the Nations League tournament. qualifier for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Concerning Jenni Hermoso, Montse Tomé declared having spoken to her, without revealing the content of their discussion.

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