The special tales of “Dr. Gufus ”, 17-year-old writer with limitless imagination

Guelfo has 17 years and would like to become a writer. During the lockdown he managed to turn his dream into reality: he invented one pseudonym, Dr. Gufushe overcame all restrictions and began to write, happy because he could finally give life to the many characters born from a fantasy capable of running without limits. This is how his first book was born, a real fantasy, in which this “special” guy (with autism spectrum), nice and “puppy” – as he likes to define himself – he has put his whole world. The book is titled “James Hero and the Fire Oak” (Wildear Editions) and will be presented at the L’Ora Blu bookshop (in Viale dei Mille) in Florence tomorrow (Friday 27 May) at 6.00 pm.

The drawings of Indira Conti
The drawings of Indira Conti

The protagonist of this beautiful fairy tale is James Hero, who performs every day on the trapeze of a circus, to the delight of the public and his inseparable little friends, the mice Adam and Elliot. But James Hero is not a trapeze artist like the others, a Komodo dragon, with a very long forked tongue, four big legs and a tail that looks like a whip. His life suddenly changes one evening, when she has to interrupt his number to save the skin of a colleague in need. The ringmaster, a heartless porcupine, will fire him without listening to reason. What to do now James Hero who has become a hero in spite of himself? Breathtaking adventures await him along with extravagant companies. A journey to a mysterious place aboard a flying car, fights to the last breath with evil reptiles of all kinds, acts of courage and generosity worthy of a hero. But what does it mean to be a hero?

The drawings of Indira Conti
The drawings of Indira Conti

Guelph has always been fond of books, he started walking and talking late, but the first word he said was “libbib”, or books – tell us his mother Barbara and his father Alessandro – Both we and grandmother Sandra (who was a librarian) have always read and commented on books from an early age. Even today, every evening, we have our evening rite of reading aloud. With her dad she then cultivated a passion for animated films and with him she continued to go to the cinema, to always discover new stories. He first started making short compositions and then in eighth grade he developed the idea of ​​a longer story. He loves all animals, during his childhood he especially loved horses, dinosaurs and bears. Finally we arrived at the reptiles, which are the protagonists of his book. During the lockdown he wrote a lot and the writing was a real comfort – continues the mother- He often tends to get distracted, but when he writes he concentrates completely and can do it for a very long time. He has a lot of imagination and likes to describe the characters in detail. Now really very happy with his literary passion and having discovered his talent.

Dr. Guelfo in art  Gufus
Dr. Guelfo in art Gufus

The book is a breathtaking tale, which amazes for the compelling power of the narrative, for the depth of the characters and for the meticulous inventiveness with which they are described (from Leslie Smile, the lizard with the collar, to Rooney Death, the royal cobra, from Alice Honey , the honey bee, to Roger Cross, the beluga). An adventure to read in one breath until the final battle, also enriched by the illustrations created by Guelfo’s cousin Bartolomeo De Nuzzo (this is his full name), Indira Conti, also very young (born in 1996 and lives in Florence, she graduated from the art school and attended the Academy of Fine Arts for a while). With the patience and affection that only a cousin can have, Indira has given life to the characters of the book, meticulously respecting the author’s will. And extraordinary illustrations have emerged, which have nothing to envy to those of a good animated film.

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