The speeches made by the DMK ministers are not enough The gossips of DMK ministers cannot be said


In Tiruvallur, the work of setting up a grand stage was underway near the Tiruvallur-Uthukkottai road for the General Assembly of the Language War Martyrs. Thiruvallur Central District DMK Secretary and Dairy Minister Sam Nasar examined this yesterday.

Then he asked the volunteers to bring chairs for the minister and administrators to sit on. After that, when the volunteer who went to pick up the chairs, saw that the volunteer was picking up only one chair and that too slowly, the minister got angry, and while talking to him, he took a stone from the pile of dirt and threw it at the volunteer. This video has gone viral on social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.

In this situation, a peace rally was held in Raiupuram under the leadership of former Minister Jayakumar on the occasion of Language War Martyrs Day. Following this, Minister Jayakumar told reporters,

He said, “DMK ministers can’t be told what they are doing. Jokers, miscreants, people who beat the public, and those who humiliate the local government representatives are the ministers in DMK. I have never seen a minister who threw stones. Tamil Nadu is currently running a joker government. DMK has gone to the stone age.” said.

After that, nothing will be done before the people’s revolution in the Erode East by-election. No matter how many people come, AIADMK is sure to win. Jayakumar commented on Kamal Haasan’s support for Congress candidate Elangovan saying that Kamal Haasan’s claim that he is DMK’s B team has been proven.


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