The “spy” pens used in China to monitor students – Back to school under the banner of Big Brother for Chinese children. In view of the resumption of activity at the beginning of September, many schools in the Asian country have already distributed ‘spy’ pens to elementary school pupils, that is stylus connected electronically and equipped with a video camera, in order to monitor the children during class hours, monitor how they take notes in real time, and then pass it all on to their teachers.

The news is reported by the Chinese newspaper Chengdu Shangabo and taken up by France Info and concerns a boarding school in Hainan, an island in the south of the country. The distribution of the new work tools, which will allow children to do their summer homework, has been free and, explains the newspaper, will also allow teachers to more easily correct students’ work.

An ‘experimentation’ that is thrilling the country’s school authorities who are already thinking of expanding it to all schools in the country in the coming years.

For two years already, Chinese educational institutions have begun to strengthen student surveillance. In almost all schools, the identity of children is now verified at the entrance through electronic recognition tools, their brain activity is also monitored with electronic helmets, so that they avoid falling asleep during lessons.

Not to mention the cameras, now placed almost everywhere in the classrooms. A manic control system against which many parents have already tried to rebel but which, apparently, will only increase over time.


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