the stain of a derby full of tension

the stain of a derby full of tension

There has been no way to sign the peace, between the fans of the Girona i l’Espanyol. The rivalry between the two clubs, which is growing as the Girona players take the limelight away from the white-and-blues, has experienced a dark and sad chapter today. Because in Montilivi they have lost their ways. And luckily no one was hurt.

There are several factors that explain the tension that has been experienced in the stands. The first, and most important, is the poor management of Girona when it comes to allowing Espanyol fans to buy tickets in any area of ​​the field. Knowing the burden that this party is acquiring, it wouldn’t have cost at all to do it any other way. Because banning the presence of a club’s fans in a stadium is not the solution either. But the affected part, the North Goal, right next to the visiting area, could have been conditioned, to have all the white-and-blue fans controlled and not scattered among white-and-red families who have felt insulted at home.

On the march, security personnel have been seen and Mossos d’Esquadra relocating people to one place and another, overwhelmed by the lack of empathy that both hobbies have shown. It has seemed, at times, that the war only had to have a winner, as if the two fans could not watch a game calmly, supporting their respective colors. Well, no, you couldn’t. And we all lost.

The insults with which some small group of Espanyol fans were walking around the city in the early hours of the morning, have had continuity in the stadium. Fortunately, not all have had the same behavior and in the preview of the match, both fans have shared a paddy field outside the stadium. Until what happened is over.

Two arrested

Even before the initial whistle, the provocations have been a constant. First, harmless. As time has gone on, to a greater degree. The security of the stadium and the Mossos did not give the scope. There have been incidents in the South Goal, but the high volume ones have been in the North Goal. There have been Girona season ticket holders who have been forced to leave their seats. There have been fans who have gone from the extra stands to the usual ones, without anyone forbidding them, looking for fun. The reprimands between each other have been on the rise, with small fights included that have caused the Mossos to arrest a 49-year-old fan for threats. Outside the stadium they had already arrested a minor for attempting to attack the authority and a crime of minor damage. There has also been throwing of objects. A sad picture for a derby that should be cordial.

Espanyol fans, in the visiting area. ANIOL CLOSED

The chants of Get out Barça i Bitch Barça G of the Espanyol fans have not been welcome to Montivili, who has not entered the cloth first and has been holding on until removing everything he had accumulated at once. He has done it with Girona’s goals and with chants of A Segona, A Segona. Girona, which during the week had warned with a statement that anyone who had the attitude of a visitor in the local area could be expelled, could not avoid the tension or the problems. It is the first time that a football match in Montilivi acquires this level of decibels. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, it won’t happen again and it will be the last.


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