The star of Madrid, by Josep Pedrerol

The star of Madrid, by Josep Pedrerol

2023-10-02 06:00:34

The debate is already in the street: is it Bellingham the best player in the world today? It is the question, with many affirmative answers, that football fans ask themselves. The Englishman has fallen on his feet in the Spanish League, there is no doubt. The scoring figures and the influence on his team’s game are astonishing. He has adapted so quickly that he seems to have been at the club for five years. In Girona he exhibited, with goals and assists, the best of his extensive repertoire.

That is why there is no debate in the following statement: Jude He is the new star of Real Madrid, the leader of the project, the lighthouse of the team Ancelotti. And it’s not just because of his football, effective, elegant and eye-catching like few others. Bellingham He has arrived at the club with the humility of the greatest, he enjoys having fulfilled a dream like a child. He is a young man with the maturity who left home early to go to another country, Germany, with a different language and succeed. Moral: how good it is to go out and see what’s outside.

A leader

Point and aside is his personality. He is only 20 years old and has already become a leader because of his attitude on and off the field. On the pitch he carries the team on his back when necessary, and always with a smile. In front of the microphones he is also exemplary. On Saturday it was very easy for me to go out and show off his wonderful assistance with the outside world. Joselu. Instead he remembered Modric, whom he gave as an example when the Croatian is going through his worst moments in Madrid. And when he is not Luka es Kroos or any other partner. The team is always ahead of him.

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For all this compendium of things, the English midfielder is already an idol for his fans, he has won the hearts of the Madrid fans. That gesture, that already iconic image with his arms raised looking forward dedicating the goal to his people and that chant, «Jud, Jud, Jud», chanted by the entire stands, they confirm it.

Everything could have been different. In the summer he had two offers from the Premier League, logically more financially powerful, but he chose to make his wish of wearing the white shirt come true. Bellingham He did choose to listen to his heart.

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