The State Department announced the continuation of the containment of the launch of “Nord Stream-2”

The United States will continue to work to curb the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline despite the completion of its construction, Amos Hochstein, Senior Energy Security Advisor at the US Department of State, said at the YES Brainstorming Forum in Kiev. He called Nord Stream 2 a dangerous geopolitical project that threatens European countries and has nothing to do with gas supplies.

“The United States will not stop efforts to influence Nord Stream 2, we will work to ensure that it undergoes a thorough certification procedure and fully meets the requirements of the EU’s Fourth Energy Package,” said Mr. Hochstein (quoted by TASS).

According to him, the efforts undertaken by Washington to postpone the construction of the gas pipeline have yielded results. He explained that in order to counter the political use of Russian oil or gas, the United States made efforts to provide Europe with liquefied gas, which significantly reduced Moscow’s political influence.

The pipe-laying work for Nord Stream 2 was completed on 6 September. Bloomberg, citing sources, reported that gas supplies via the pipeline could begin on October 1, both lines could start working by December 1.



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