The State Department named the main topic of negotiations between Putin and Biden – RBK

According to Anthony Blinken, the American President during his conversation with Vladimir Putin will insist on the territorial integrity of Ukraine

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The main topic of the upcoming talks between the presidents of the United States and Russia will be the situation around Ukraine. As reported by Reuters, this was stated by the head of the US State Department Anthony Blinken.

According to him, Joe Biden intends to tell Vladimir Putin that the United States will unconditionally insist on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and will oppose any “aggressive steps by Russia” in this matter.

Blinken also said that Biden intends to inform the Russian president that he is counting on more stable and predictable relations between the two countries.

Earlier, the American Secretary of State said that negotiations between the presidents of Russia and the United States would take place “in the very near future.” At the same time, the head of the foreign policy department did not specify in what format this conversation will take place.

The Kremlin announced the “beard issue” at the talks between Putin and Biden

Photo: Ahmad Halabisaz / AP

On Friday, December 3, Yuri Ushakov, Assistant to the Russian President for Foreign Policy, said that the date of the meeting had already been agreed upon, but it was necessary to wait for clarification of all the parameters of the negotiations with Washington. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov advised to wait for the meeting “at any moment.”

Peskov also noted that the topics of conversation between the presidents will be the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s relations with NATO. “Naturally, Ukraine is a lot of controversy around Ukraine,” he said. Ushakov said that Putin and Biden will also discuss the situation in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran.



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