The State Police celebrates its 169 years – Today the State Police celebrates its 169 years. Years full of changes, which are remembered on 10 April, the day in which in 1981 the law 121 was published in the Official Gazette, as evidenced by the words of the Chief of Police Lamberto Giannini, “carried within itself the seed of great evolutions, redesigning a modern police force with a strong civil identity”.

For the second consecutive year, the epidemiological emergency requires the utmost sobriety in celebrations. Yesterday morning the Chief of Police – accompanied by the deputy heads, the central directors of the Department of Public Security and a representative of the staff – was received at the Quirinale by the President of the Republic.

And just to seal the anniversary, the Honor Guard service at Palazzo del Quirinale today is entrusted to the Department on horseback of the State Police who for the occasion will wear the historical uniform of the Risorgimento.

“Humanity and firmness, proximity and social commitment characterize the generous service of the Corps, in which the implementation of those principles that inspired law number 121/1981 is renewed every day, the 40th anniversary of which occurs in 2021”. It is one of the passages of the message addressed to the Chief of Police, Lamberto Giannini, by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

“The reform – he stressed Mattarella – in characterizing the evolution of the organizational structure and action of the State Police of the last decadesi, with its innovative profiles has marked a milestone fundamental in the path of modernization of the Corps and, more generally, of the public security administration. In the wake of a long history of fidelity to tradition and the drive for innovation, there is also the fundamental function of technical-operational coordination of public order and security services carried out by the police headquarters, which guarantees the orderly exercise of constitutional rights on the territory. and social cohesion. It has been given recognition with the awarding of the gold medal to the flag at civil value “.

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This morning, the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, accompanied by the Chief of Police, will lay a laurel wreath at the Memorial for the Fallen at the Higher Police School. Subsequently in the forecourt of the School, the minister will deliver the gold medal for civil merit, conferred by the President of the Republic, to the Flag of the State Police.

The prestigious recognition was awarded for the task carried out by the Quaestors, provincial public security authorities responsible for the technical and operational coordination of public order and security services, with this motivation: “Heir to a prestigious tradition dating back to before the unification of Italy, the State Police, with absolute loyalty to the State and in defense of the community, for 169 years, it has ensured the maintenance of public order and security by acting as an interpreter on the territory of the high magisterium entrusted to the provincial public security authorities responsible for the technical and operational coordination of public order and safety. Through its women and men, called to fulfill this difficult and essential task, the State Police, in even the most dramatic phases of the country’s history, it contributed decisively to the cohesion of the nation and guaranteed, since the birth of the Republic, the protection of fundamental freedoms, the salvation of democratic institutions, also ensuring the conditions for progress and collective and individual well-being “.

“The awarding of the gold medal – underlines the Department of Public Security – crowns a delicate work carried out in a large period of time that has seen profoundly change the sensitivities and the social and cultural context, up to our days characterized by the need to reconcile the full exercise of the fundamental rights and freedoms provided for by our Republican Constitution, with the exceptional conditions imposed by the pandemic “.

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For the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, “The vocation to proximity to territories and people, knowing how to be present among the people to grasp their needs and anticipate the signs of possible critical issues are all distinctive features of a body that pays constant attention to the communities, with the goal of consolidating that relationship of trust which favors a proactive collaboration of citizens in the construction of a safer society “.

“The robust professional dimension that characterizes the State Police – explained the minister – is the result of a traditional self-denial and spirit of service, made it possible to cope, at the same time, the different threats that characterize an increasingly interconnected world. I refer, first of all, to organized crime which, in this emergency context, seeks to subtracting public resources from the circuits of the legal economy and looks with interest at situations of financial distress to take over economic activities or subject entrepreneurs and families through the hateful phenomenon of usury “.

“In parallel – continued Lamorgese – in the presence of one ever looming terrorist threat and that it uses predominantly internet e i social network to feed its propaganda, our security system has implemented a capillary and incisive action of prevention, starting with a timely monitoring of the web. The activity to combat international terrorism led to the expulsion, for security reasons, altogether of 59 subjects in 2020 and of 21 subjects in the first months of this year“.



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