Following the new product festival launched by Steam in early June, the day when G fat slaughtered players’ wallets has come. Why do you say that? Because..Steam Summer Sale is coming again! This time it will start at 1:00 am Taiwan time this week, June 24th, which is Friday, and the sale will last for two weeks. Want to play this collectible game? But don’t miss it!

The preview of this summer sale is not the same as before. This time, the live-action version is launched for the first time. The host is Kaci Aitchison, the official team of Valve, who has often appeared in previous “DOTA2” competitions and activities. Come check it out!

In addition to the live-action preview, this film also announced a lot of discount news, such as “Tokyo Ghost Line”, “Electric Rider 2077”, “Rainbow Six: Siege”, “God of War”, “Destiny 2”, “The Sims 4”, “Monster Hunter Rise”, “Dying Light 2”, “Grand Theft Auto 5”, “WWE 2K22”, etc., but detailed discount information will not be known until the day. In addition, the Steam badges and special quests that are always available in the annual special event will not be absent. Players who love to collect will remember to solve the quests from the upper limit!

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