Time.news – The freeze on layoffs will be extended until 30 June. The draft of the support for the study of the government provides for this. The document contains some intervention hypotheses that should fall within the provision of support to the economy, such as the suspension until April 30 – or the current term of the conclusion of the state of emergency – of the sending of new files and payment of the scrapping. ter ‘and’ balance and excerpt ‘and the excerpt for the folders of 5,000 euros including penalty and interest from the years 2000 to 2015.

Among the measures envisaged also Refinancing of the Covid redundancy fund no longer by tranches of weeks but for the whole year e an allocation of 2 billion to finance the vaccination campaign (vaccines, antiviral, transport and administration). The document also assumes that family doctors are involved in the first phase and then pharmacists are involved in the second phase.

Refreshments for 2.7 million activities

The draft of the dl Support provides for the forwarding of refreshments for 2.7 million activities, including businesses and professionals, with a turnover of up to 5 million euros who have recorded a 33% loss of the monthly average of 2019 turnover compared with the monthly average of 2020 turnover. With the elimination, therefore, of the Ateco code as a criterion for recognizing non-repayable contributions.

The hypothesized scheme provides for the compensation bands: 30% of the loss of turnover for companies and professionals with a turnover of 100 thousand euros per year; 25% of the loss for the activities with a turnover from 101 thousand to 400 thousand euros per year; 20% of the loss for those with a turnover of between 401,000 and 1 million euros per year; 15% of the loss with a turnover of 1 to 5 million euros per year. Compensation is still being considered for start-ups as well.

For the provision of refreshments, the draft suggests a new platform managed by Sogei. The government’s goal, the document reads, is to disburse the first indemnities after 10 days and the total by 30 April. The document estimates an amount of about 60 million tax files for a cost of 1 billion in 2021 and 1 billion in 2022. While there would be more than 130 million tax files to date in the tax warehouse.


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