Time.news – A Erto, the village of the Friulian Dolomites marked by the Vajont tragedy and loved by climbers for its magnificent cliffs, there is a rock route called “Mari’s Bad Rock Day”: it is dedicated to Marianna Corona, in memory of the day when she stopped right on that wall, unable to climb or descend. But Marianna still did not know that this was just a sort of dress rehearsal, in view of the much harder passage that life would have reserved for her. in 2017: the disease, in the face of which there is no training or technique that comes to the rescue, but one must seek within oneself the resources to make it.

This is the adventure he tells in the book Bloom among the rocksThe way to balance when life gets steep (Giunti Editore, 408 pages, 18 euros) from March 31st in bookstores with a text and illustrations by Mauro Corona.

And life has a lot in common with the mountains: it is beautiful but also full of risks, it asks for the humility to take one step after another, to look for the right holds, and above all it forces us to know ourselves, to dose the I breathe in front of the climbs, to find a balance before enjoying the view. In this book, which combines a touching narrative testimony with a very original reinterpretation of the foundations of yogic practice, a brave young woman talks about her childhood in a very special family, the charm and hardness of growing up in the mountains, the approach to yoga and her great breath, illness as a painful moment but at the same time capable of revealing what really matters.

As Mauro Corona observes, who is both reader and protagonist of these pages, “under the leaves of an ironic writing one perceives the fresh breath of melancholy, positive humus that nourishes hope. […] When the world collapses on us and everything seems lost, the hidden hope comes out in what we saw but did not know. To flourish among the rocks you need that type of humus ”.

Marianna Corona has been practicing yoga since 2010. She graduated in New Media Languages ​​and Technologies, then deepening her work experience in creating web content. Her passion for the outdoors in contact with nature, walking, sport, climbing and the curiosity to learn led her to study some oriental disciplines related to body awareness and coordination of breath and movement.

She became a yoga teacher in 2017.


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