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I charge Reasonable left Odessa on Monday for Lebanon with 26,000 tons of corn on board. METIN AKTAS/Anadolu Agency via AFP

REPORT – Thanks to an agreement with Moscow, kyiv hopes to export its cereals again via the Black Sea.

Special envoy to Odessa

The port of Odessa is slowly coming back to life. Monday morning, the freighter Reasonable went to sea loaded with 26,000 tons of corn. Ukraine celebrated a great symbolic victory, while the rest of the world still holds its breath. Because the ship must cross the corridor surrounded by mines, anchor Tuesday in Istanbul, where it will be inspected by a Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian team, before reaching its final destination, Lebanon. But it is already a crucial step in the implementation of the agreement on the resumption of Ukrainian exports, signed on July 24 by kyiv and Moscow, thanks to the mediation of Turkey and under the aegis of the United Nations.

Reached by telephone, the Minister Delegate for Transport, Yuriy Vaskov, hailed a great success. “This is good news for global food security, for Turkey, for our government and especially for the people of Ukraine,” he explained. Yuriy Vaskov estimates that around twenty boats can leave…

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