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The director of the Valky History Museum near Kharkiv, Tamara Polishtchouk, on November 17, in the room dedicated to the Holodomor. Clara Marchaud

INVESTIGATION – The German Parliament will qualify as “genocide” the famine imposed by Stalin on the Ukrainian people.

Special envoy to Baliasne, Valky and Kharkiv

In the village of Baliasne, 170 km southeast of Kharkiv, the life of the inhabitants has changed little for almost a century. We live off the land, cereals, and livestock. A few days after the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, this town of 1,000 inhabitants finds itself on the road to exodus, missiles fall in the fields, men go to war. A new reality, which resurrects an old fear, that of famine.

Dressed in vychyvanka, traditional embroidered shirts, Oleksandr and Iryna Havrylenko, a couple in their fifties, are honoring Ukrainian hospitality by receiving guests on their huge farm with other farmers from the neighborhood. The table is overflowing with delicious traditional dishes, all from their own harvests: bread, pork, beetroot borscht… But 90 years ago, these fertile black lands in eastern Ukraine had nothing left to give. The granary…

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