the story of the victim and the contradictions of the footballer

the story of the victim and the contradictions of the footballer

BarcelonaIt was a few minutes past two in the morning when three friends entered the Sutton nightclub, on Carrer de Tuset in Barcelona. After a while, a waiter approached them and told them that a person had invited them to go up to a reservation. First, according to the woman’s version, they said no, they were already fine in the main room. The waiter insisted. At no time did he say that the one who was inviting them to go up was Dani Alves, a 39-year-old footballer who has played for Barça for almost a decade. Faced with the worker’s insistence, they ended up accepting. And they went up.

At this point, Alves stated that he had not invited them, that they entered the reservation without any invitation. The waiter’s statement, however, according to sources consulted by the ARA, would not go in this direction. This is one of the several contradictions of Alves during his statement before the Mossos and the courts this Friday for the alleged rape of a 23-year-old woman on December 30, 2022. Tonight he already slept in Brians 1 after the judge ordered preventive detention without bail.

In the hearing held this Friday, the victim, according to sources consulted by the ARA, warned that she did not want to be compensated by the player. He stated that he just wanted justice to be served for what happened that night. On December 30, Alves had paid a vip special, reserved for the most exclusive customers. It is higher than the other reservations and has strict rules. You can only go up there with an invitation and once there you can’t take out your mobile phone, you can’t take photos and you can’t record either. According to the version of the victim, advanced by The newspaper and that he has been able to reconstruct this diary, he did not recognize it. She claims that Alves, in a sullen tone, was telling her: “You do not know who I am?” He even explains that the football player was not happy about going unnoticed.”I am a petanque player from l’Hospitalet“, he finished affirming, according to the victim’s account. Finally, a group of Mexicans (Alves played for Pumas de México until he was fired this Saturday) told him that he was not a pétanque player, but Dani Alves.

Cava and touches

In a video that he sent to Antena 3 before testifying, Alves assured that he knew nothing of the 23-year-old woman who had denounced him. That’s how he maintained it in a start this Friday. This time it is the local security cameras that would not have recorded the film he describes. The footballer also denies that he had invited them to drink. The recording, again, might point otherwise. According to the victim’s version, Alves took out a bottle of Moët Chandon and invited them all. And he started dancing with them, especially with the victim and a friend of hers. It was changing. She states that she grabbed them by the waist. After a while, he also put his hands on their genital parts. The women took his hand away. According to their version, they felt fear. Alves denies this approach although the cameras could verify it.

There came a moment, according to the woman’s account in front of the police and the judge, that Alves moved away from the table and stood next to a door. He told her to go. She thought she wanted to talk for a moment. After that, they already had in mind to leave. They were not comfortable. He approached the footballer and the woman realized they were entering a toilet. At that point, according to her account, he forced her. He assaulted her and grabbed her by the head, forcing her to perform fellatio on him. He resisted it. She claims that Alves then vaginally penetrated her while slapping her. When he finished, the footballer went out the door. She, he says, left the bathroom and went to find her friends. They went down. It was, again, in the main room that he started to cry. It had been approximately 45 minutes since they had gone up to the reservation. This alerted local security, who took an interest in her situation, and the protocol was activated in the face of an alleged sexual assault. After a while, the woman was already at the Hospital Clínic undergoing a medical examination. This evidence would provide evidence of rape, with traces of semen and marks of possible aggression.

Three versions

According to sources consulted by ARA, this Friday Alves gave three different versions of the events. In the last one, he assured that he had been a passive subject of what happened in the reserved toilet. The fact that he contradicted what he had declared a few minutes ago was one of the reasons that led the judge to rule on provisional imprisonment. Also the contradictions of the footballer’s story with the evidence provided by the police. That is, the victim’s medical report, security camera footage and witness statements. Another weighty reason was the risk of flight: Alves has a lot of money (he can travel) and has dual Spanish and Brazilian nationality, and there is no extradition agreement with Brazil.


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