The students of the Deutschhaus-Gymnasium in Würzburg run for Mwanza

The students of the Deutschhaus-Gymnasium in Würzburg run for Mwanza

2023-05-28 04:12:59

More than 800 students from the Deutschhaus-Gymnasium in Würzburg ran for a good cause last Wednesday morning under the motto “Fun-sport-donation: continuously doing good”. The children and young people turned lap after lap at the old state horticultural show site in the Zellerau to collect donations for the organization Mein Ball, Dein Ball eV. And it paid off: “We won’t know the exact amount until we’ve evaluated the 800 pieces of paper, but it will probably be more than 50,000 euros,” explains headmaster Michael Schmitt.

The students run and grandma, aunt and parents donate

The sports and religion teacher Andreas Weiermann has been working on the organization of the event since January: “The special thing about us is that we make it very big. The entire school family is involved.” You could tell that on every corner. The parents cut fruit for the hungry children, teachers designed motivating posters and the headmaster did a lap on the running track. According to Weiermann, the concept of the CV is easy to explain: “The students look for sponsors. They can be parents, aunts or grandmothers. They then receive a fixed amount for every kilometer they run.” The more the school children run, the higher the individual donations. “With the last CV, a sports center in Mwanza could be financed with the money,” says Weiermann.

Mwanza is located in northern Tanzania and has been Würzburg’s official partner city since 1966. Mein Ball, Dein Ball eV is also active in this region. This year the children ran for the organization again. However, it is not yet certain whether the donations will be used to build a new sports center, explains Weiermann: “This time the donations are not limited to one purpose. We want to support the project and then you can see on site what is needed at the moment.”

Clearing up prejudices and bringing Tanzania to Germany, that is the goal

The children should know what they are running for. The organization also set up a stand next to the curriculum vitae, where the children could play with home-made balls and learn more about African culture. Jürgen Seitz, the founder of Mein Ball, Dein Ball eV, explains what his goal is: “Above all, we want to break down stereotypes and also convey what we can learn from Tanzania.” And that is already having an effect: “You got a good impression of what life is like in Tanzania. I thought it would be poorer and drier,” explains student Simon from 9m, for example.

A lot was done in the run-up to bring the students closer to Tanzania: “In the week before the run, each class received a physical education lesson from the three Tanzanians: Rama, Madu, Mtumba. We want to show how people live there. One always thinks so , the people in Africa would be poor, but the people in Tanzania are at least as happy as we are here,” explains Seitz.

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