the studies on artificial intelligence by Cotec-

We could call it the power of data. Which take strength if we have software capable of reading them. Artificial intelligence algorithms capable of extracting value. The mission is predictive. Luigi Nicolais, former Minister of Public Service and number one of the Cotec Foundation (whose honorary president is Sergio Mattarella), says that the present (and the future) of health is all at stake here. “On predictive diagnosis based on the infinite amount of data from radiology, CT scan and laboratory analysis: if we used them with intelligent software capable of having access to all this information in a single database, we could even predict tumor forms”.

The feeling is that there is still a long way to go. The pandemic has rocked our health system from the bottom up. And on closer inspection, the picture is merciless, if the data of the Regions are not immediately accessible to the central State despite the existence of the electronic health record of each citizen belonging to the General Accounting Office. And we are also groping about the 21 variables of the central epidemic in the choices to be made on containment measures and on the mechanism of colors applied to urban areas.

Yet Nicolais is not discouraged. Believes that the first step to be done is the interoperability of the databases. Theme on which all ministers are based. The second is to make broadband widespread throughout the country, otherwise new fences and exclusions are produced. And then there is a need for pedagogical work, on which the foundation is fighting by organizing a series of meetings on artificial intelligence also with the University of Roma Tre.

All to defeat the technoluddists afraid of use of robots / humanoids: «It will always be the human mind to direct them, but it is not able to process billions of data in real time», explains Nicolais. To the state cloud – suggestion of the previous government – Nicolais prefers hybrid multicloud, which also involve physical data centers for sensitive data. So you don’t have any IT security risks


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