The Suez Canal still blocked, 200 ships stopped in the waiting area – The Suez Canal is still blocked by the container ship Ever Given that ran aground in the southern section of the canal on Tuesday morning completely obstructing it and totally blocking maritime transport. Will it take a few days or weeks to unlock the Channel? The company in charge of the Ever Given “rescue” was cautious, citing “days or even weeks” for the resumption of traffic on the canal which sees, according to experts, 10% of international maritime trade.

Since Wednesday the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority (SCA) is trying to free the ship weighing over 220,000 tons and as long as four football fields. According to the company, “two additional (Egyptian) tugs of 220 to 240 tons” are expected to arrive by Sunday for a new attempt. According to the trade magazine Lloyd’s list, yesterday more than 200 ships were stuck at both ends and in the waiting area in the center of the canal, causing significant delays in deliveries of oil and other products.



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