The Sumesh & Ramesh team said that the shows are not available in theaters and the release is being changed

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SueWith the arrival of Paratha films in the theaters, cinema is once again returning to its former glory. Dulquer Salman’s movie Kurup, which came after short films, was a hit in the theaters. After that, Suresh Gopi’s Kaval and Mohanlal-Priyadarshan movie Marakkar are getting ready for release. But new reports suggest that the advent of big movies has put the release of short films in crisis. Sumesh & Ramesh has postponed the release as the shows are not available in theaters.

Sumesh and Ramesh, who will play the title roles of Srinath Bhasi and Balu Varghese, were scheduled to hit theaters on Friday. However, due to insufficient number of shows in the theaters, the cast and crew were forced to change the release of the film. The information about the release change was shared by the activists themselves through the poster of the film. But the new release date of the film has not been announced. The film is directed by newcomer Sanoop Thaikoodam.

Theaters are preparing for a big reception for Suresh Gopi’s guard. The film, which is set to release tomorrow, will also feature fan shows. Kurup, Janeman, everything will be alright, and aha, the two big stars arrive when they stay in theaters. The release crisis of the short films will continue as Mohanlal’s Marakkar will also arrive next week.


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