the Sumy oblast, in the northeast of the country, shelled by Russian forces

the Sumy oblast, in the northeast of the country, shelled by Russian forces

2023-10-02 06:00:40

Cover image: The shield of the monument to the glory of the Motherland is illuminated in the colors of Ukraine on the occasion of the day that celebrates the defenders of the country, in Kiev, October 1, 2023. STRINGER / REUTERS

Joe Biden assured kyiv of US supportthe day after the US Congress voted on an emergency funding measure for the federal administration excluding new aid to Ukraine. “I want to say to our allies, to the American people and to the people of Ukraine, you can count on our support. We won’t give up [l’Ukraine] »insisted the American president.Ukraine, for its part, announced ” to work “ with the United States. “The Ukrainian government is actively working with its U.S. partners to ensure that the new U.S. budget proposal (…) will include new funding to help Ukraine »said Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko.Sumy Oblast was shelled by Russian forces over the weekend, announced the military administration of this region of northeastern Ukraine, on Telegram messaging. Forty bombs fell in twenty-four hours on the town of Krasnopillia alone, according to the administration, which recorded at least one injured.Russian drone attack which was directed against three civilian infrastructures in Uman on the night of Saturday to Sunday targeted a grain store, according to the head of the military administration of Cherkasy oblast, in central Ukraine. The strikes targeted “an attic where sunflower seeds, approximately 90 tonnes, had just been harvested”, asserted Igor Stools, quoted by the media Suspilne. Around 3,600 square meters were ravaged by the flames.The Slovak populist party Smer-SD, opposed to aid to Ukraine, won the legislative vote in Slovakia, according to the count of almost all the votes. This vote is considered decisive in knowing whether Slovakia, a country of 5.4 million inhabitants, member of the European Union and NATO, can remain on its pro-Western course or turn more towards Russia.Conscription for Russian military service, which begins October 1, includes for the first time territories illegally annexed by Russia. These are the “people’s republics” of Luhansk and Donetsk as well as the oblasts of Kherson and Zaporizhia.

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