The Supreme Court, a legacy of Donald Trump

In case anyone had any doubts, the turbulent presidency of Donald Trump was not just an accident in the history of the United States that was overcome with the triumph of Joe Biden: the traces of the controversial presidency of the tycoon are very deep and will last in the country for generations.

The ruling of the Supreme Court this Friday, which repealed the right to abortion enshrined for almost half a century, is just a sample.

Trump celebrated the decision: “Life’s greatest triumph in a generation,” he said. And he explained that those victories came about because he did “everything he had promised, including the nomination of three respected and strong constitutionalists,” he added.

When in the 2016 campaign this correspondent traveled the interior of the country interviewing Americans in the streets, she already noticed a phenomenon that at first seemed incomprehensible. Deeply conservative and religious familiesthose who go to mass twice a week and who usually carry the Bible in the glove compartment of their truck, voted for the orange-haired tycoon.

They voted for that gentleman from New York (considered by the religious as the capital of sin); that he had been divorced three times; that he was a playboy who frequented the nightclubs where he met his third wife; that he had complaints of sexual harassment; that he boasted of grabbing women’s private parts of him.

When asked about this contradiction, they replied that they understood the candidate’s weaknesses, but that they were willing to swallow that frog in search of what they called “a higher good”: to prevent the country from losing the “religious and conservative values ” that they saw at risk with the administration of Barack Obama, the first black president in history.

The most conservative sectors of the country are threatened by the advance of secularism, of women, of immigrants, of Afro-Americans, of the LGTBQ communities, of environmentalists, of political correctness. They fear them, of course, because They take away the traditional power of the white, Christian and Anglo-Saxon man.

Former President Donald Trump secured a conservative majority on the US Supreme Court. Photo: BLOOMBERG

Conservatives understand that the preservation of the “greater good” should be given to the Supreme Court, the guardian of “family values” because its seal is important and enduring.

And Trump had that clear mandate because there were possible vacancies on the highest court, which then had a liberal majority, and he had to take advantage of it to stop it.

Twist in the High Court

And he did it with a vengeance. In his four years in the White House, he turned the formation of the Court upside down because he appointed three ultraconservative judges to replace two deceased and one resigned. Hand in hand with him came Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Barrett and, as they are around 50 years old and the position is for lifehis seal will remain in the Court for decades.

The court went on the offensive in highly controversial and fundamental cases for the most conservative Americans such as the use of weapons and abortion.

Demonstrators in favor of abortion, this Friday in Washington, in front of the US Supreme Court. Photo: BLOOMBERG

Demonstrators in favor of abortion, this Friday in Washington, in front of the US Supreme Court. Photo: BLOOMBERG

On Wednesday, the Court endorsed the carrying of weapons in public, when the debate on applying restrictions to stop the killings is growing. A strong signal.

The white and rural interior, especially the men, celebrated this decision that ratified the revered Second Amendment. The ruling, on the other hand, was repudiated in the big liberal cities.

The Court goes for more

With the Roe vs. Wade overturn, the Court messed with another great liberal symbol. Demolished years of struggle and feminism. Undoubtedly, the most vulnerable sectors, pregnant Afro-Americans and Latinas, who do not have access to clinics or transfers to another state to have an abortion, will be harmed. Mortality from clandestine abortions will grow, experts predict.

But the Court is going for more: decisions are still pending on very sensitive issues such as the separation of the Church from the State, climate change and migration.

“These great victories prove that even as the radical left is doing everything in its power to destroy our country, its rights are being protected, the country is being defended, and there is still hope to save America,” Trump warned, not yet He has said if he will run for the 2024 presidential elections.

Regardless of whether he risks a second term, this Court and its decisive rulings have undoubtedly been his main legacy.

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