The Supreme Court confirms the sentence of 24 and a half years in prison for a member of ETA for two attacks in Gijón in 1996 after ruling out acts of torture

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence of 24 and a half years in prison imposed by the National Court on the ETA member Iratxe SD for two crimes of havoc, caused by two explosive devices placed in the Palace of Justice and in a pharmacy property of the husband of a former Secretary of State for Penitentiary Affairs in the city of Gijón on November 2, 1996. The court, made up of judges Manuel Marchena (president and rapporteur), Miguel Colmenero, Andrés Palomo, Susana Polo and Javier Hernández, has dismissed in its entirety the appeal of Iratxe SD, who alleged that, after being detained incommunicado by the Civil Guard, she was forced under torture to testify against her will twice at police stations. He added that, already…


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