The Supreme Court revokes the right to abortion and plunges the country into terra incognita

For the The New York Times, the decision of the Supreme Court, this June 24, to invalidate the Roe judgment vs Wade, who in 1973 granted all American women the right to have an abortion, is a decision that goes “transforming the life of America, overturning American politics and leading to a ban on abortion in almost half of the United States”.

This decision was somewhat expected, since it is in line with the draft decision of the Supreme Court which had leaked in the media – in particular on the site Politico at the beginning of May, recalls the newspaper. However, it will result “a deeply divided country in which the right to abortion will be severely reduced or completely prohibited in the ‘Red States’, the conservative states, while it will remain authorized and accessible in the ‘Blue States’, that is say progressive states.”

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For the Wall Street Journal, this new judgment of the Supreme Court is unquestionably “one of the most important in modern history”. It also constitutes “a rare example of the Supreme Court overriding a constitutional right it had previously created”, almost fifty years ago.

While six of nine Supreme Court justices voted to repeal Roe vs Wade, this decision also underlines the turning point operated by this court which has become “much more conservative”. “An upheaval made possible by the appointment by former President Donald Trump of three conservative judges” come to sit in the highest American court, underlines the financial daily.

The website Politico finally underlines that this decision of the Supreme Court will precipitate the country “in terra incognita, from a political and legal as well as a societal and medical point of view”, and that it will have serious consequences on the mid-term elections next November, “especially on the candidates for the positions of governors and attorneys general in the various American states, because they will now have a much greater decision-making power on the question of abortion, on the people who can have an abortion, who can be prosecuted and who may eventually be imprisoned for this reason”.


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