The survey, with clear data, 66% would leave cigarettes for alternatives

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Say goodbye to traditional cigarettes and convert to smokeless products, from heated tobacco to electronic cigarettes. 66% of adult Italian smokers would be more inclined to take this path if they had greater clarity on the differences, as well as on the related scientific evidence. It is one of the data emerging from a new study – ‘Disinformation: a major obstacle to a smoke-free future‘- conducted by the independent research institute Povaddo on behalf of Philip Morris International in 26 countries around the world, on a sample of 30,000 people.

The survey photographs the ‘factor I’, the impact that accurate information on the choices of smokers can have. According to the authors, in fact, 89% of smokers in Italy who switched to alternative products confirm that an important spring that triggered the decision was precisely “accurate information on the differences between these products and traditional cigarettes. “.

On the other hand, what are the brakes that hinder the ‘transition’? Once again, according to a good share, the lack of information mainly affects (22%). The study, the promoters explain, shows that, While the effects of smoking are almost universally known, a large proportion of smokers are unaware of alternative products, cannot access them or are confused from the information available that make an informed choice difficult.

“At Philip Morris International we prioritize transparency in transforming ours business towards a smoke-free future, asking politics, the scientific community and NGOs to review and verify the results of our scientific studies – he declares Grégoire Verdeaux, Senior Vice President, External Affairs di Philip Morris International – By providing adult smokers with science-based information about alternative products, we can accelerate the decline of cigarettes to make them a thing of the past in the shortest time possible. ”

Also from the survey, it emerges that addressing disinformation based on scientific evidence is seen by respondents as a collective responsibility to achieve a smoke-free future faster. So that 73%, a percentage that rises to 84% in smokers, says they are in favor of collaboration between companies, institutions and public health experts to ensure smokers have access to accurate information on smokeless alternatives.

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