The survivor fell to the ground nine months later when Al fell to the ground and died

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Paravur: When the century-old Nambooriyachan Al in Paravur, which has a place in the history of Kerala, fell to the ground, a man who miraculously escaped from it fell to his death nine months later while chopping down a house door. The deceased has been identified as Rajan (60) of Erepadam, Cheriyapallamthuruthu, Paravur.

The accident took place while cutting down a tree in the ancestral house with a relative. While cutting the tree, the rope fell on the body while being pulled. He was rushed to hospital but could not be rescued.

Rajan, who has been selling lottery tickets for a quarter of a century, was at the foot of the Nambooriyachan altar from morning till evening. Care was also taken to keep the area clean.

The news was that Rajan, who was under the tree when his grandfather’s decayed and fell to the ground, miraculously escaped without a scratch. Parts of the overturned ali were left standing on the altar and escaped.

Wife: Sujatha. Children: Raji and Rakhi. Son-in-law: Deepu and Manish.

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