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Last Sunday, Swiss citizens overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to ban all kinds of animal and human experimentation. The initiative, led by local physician Renato Werndli, also included a ban on the import of animal-tested products.

Approximately 44% of citizens with the right to vote took part in the referendum. Only 20.9% of those who voted were in favor of the ban, according to the Swiss Federal Bureau of Statistics.

The initiators of the referendum explained that a complete ban on animal experiments was possible because such experiments were not necessary, and they also contradicted the modern understanding of ethics. Their opponents were supported by the Swiss pharmaceutical lobby, which is very powerful in a country with a developed production of the most modern drugs: the drug business could receive a serious blow if the vote ended in favor of animal rights activists. Swiss science, one of the most advanced in the world, would also be seriously affected.

The winners of the referendum stated that the initiative to ban the experiments was unacceptable, since it directly threatened people’s health. It should be noted that none of the Swiss political parties came out in support of animal rights activists.

Swiss law, which governs the treatment of animals, only allows experiments on them if there is no other way to study them.

Animal rights leader doctor Renato Werndli commented on the results of the referendum: “What a shame! Switzerland could be the first country in the world to ban the abuse of living beings. I can’t understand how people endure animal torture? We cited scientific facts that you can do without it, but the Swiss simply do not believe us!

This is the fourth referendum to ban animal experimentation that has failed in Switzerland.

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