The Symphony Orchestra in a special and exciting concert in nursing homes in Haifa – Haifa

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The Haifa Symphony Orchestra held special concerts for the residents of the sheltered housing

The management of the Athos Cultural and Sports Arts Society and the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, as part of its activities in the community, has initiated a series of concerts in three nursing homes throughout the city, including Elisha Towers.

Yair Moshiach, Acting Director of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra:

It was especially exciting to see the responsiveness of the musicians to the exit to the sheltered housing, and their enjoyment on the one hand, and the gratitude, appreciation and warmth we received from the tenants. The senior orchestra players have prepared a special program with well-known and beloved works, we will be very happy to host the tenants in our classical series as well and continue the collaboration.

The Symphony Orchestra in Nursing Homes – Special Concert (Photo: Athos)

Some culture

The nursing homes were very happy with your special visit to the Haifa Symphony. After a long period in which the Corona crisis prevented them from enjoying cultural performances and musical concerts, it was a particularly exciting event when they hosted the talented musicians in their own home.

The Symphony Orchestra in Nursing Homes – Special Concert (Photo: Athos)

70 for the Haifa Symphony

The Haifa Symphony Orchestra will celebrate 70 years of creation this year, and is in the midst of a surprising season, which includes international conductors and soloists who will come especially to Haifa, a new opera pearl series and Efi Netzer who joins an Israeli series accompanied by the symphony. .

The Symphony Orchestra in Nursing Homes – Special Concert (Photo: Athos)

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