The Synology Drive 3 app offers advanced phone backup features

The Synology Drive 3 app offers advanced phone backup features

Today’s NAS solutions offer users a variety of options beyond just storing information, from using it as a home security solution to using it as a private cloud service.

In the case of Sinology, the company allows users of its NAS solutions to run theSynology DriveThe company’s dedicated cloud solution that comes with a recently updated and upgraded mobile app with the addition of media file backup, bidirectional synchronization and other features to improve the user’s private cloud usage.

Get to know Synology Drive

During our previous reviews of Synology’s Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, the Synology DS220 + and Synology DS218, we referred to the NAS as a local cloud-like network storage solution for users’ information, but it is not. Says NAS cannot be used as a real cloud service.

Unlike regular and “stupid” external hard drives, the big advantage of the NAS is that it is actually a tiny server on which various services can be run, including Synology Drive, the company’s dedicated cloud service.

Along with the other options for accessing information offered on the NAS, Synology Drive is designed to provide a user experience similar to that we get in other cloud services, such as Google’s Drive and Dropbox, so that it can be used as a solution to back up information from the mobile device, and even turn it into a service Private streaming of music in it, use it to store a family cloud to back up photos and videos from all family members or as a dedicated cloud service for businesses with access to information in the cloud for various employees and more.

Synology Drive 3.0 app

As with any other cloud service, it can be accessed directly through a dedicated web address, or alternatively use a mobile app, with most of us admitting that with our amount of mobile use, it has long since become the main way we work with various cloud services.

In the case of Synology Drive, the mobile app comes with the same name (Android / iOS), when only recently it was updated to a new version 3.0 with some significant upgrades.

The new version of the app has undergone a major design change compared to the previous version, with an improved interface for easier navigation and a new home page that centralizes the information in the Synology Drive cloud and allows quick transition to viewing photos, documents, audio and video files, and fast access to cloud files. Can add, favorites and files available from the mobile device itself.

Finally, and like many of the apps today, Dark Mode has also been added to the new version.

In addition to the major interface changes between version 2.3 and version 3.0 (in our case 3.0.1 to be exact), the company has added a number of new features to the Synology Drive service, in order to use them the Synology Drive package on the NAS server must be updated to the version The new one, which includes:

  • Automatic backup of media files – Automatically back up photos and videos from your mobile device to the cloud. This is a parallel solution to the company’s dedicated Synology Photos (Android / iOS), which is equivalent to Google Photos. It allows the app to automatically upload content from the mobile device to the cloud in the background without the need for proactive backup of the user.
  • Double-sided file synchronization – A solution that is not available in many cloud services and allows you to automatically synchronize between folders in the cloud and folders on the mobile device, so that files and changes added or made in one will also be synchronized to the other and will be available offline on the user’s device.
  • Public file sharing from the cloud – An option that makes it easy to share information stored in the Synology Drive cloud to other users beyond those who are routinely connected to it, including a simple option to create a public link for quick access to a file or folder in the cloud via a QR code or dedicated link, which can be easily shared with other users.

The ability to turn the NAS into a full private cloud solution with Synology Drive is only half the equation of using the cloud just like any other solution because the way you connect to the cloud and the options you get greatly affect users’ ability to use it for their own needs.

Personally, with the cloud services I use today, I need a third-party app to sync a folder on my personal mobile device to a folder in the cloud, which has been incorporated into the new version of the Synology Drive app.

If in the past we treated NAS as an alternative solution to cloud services, Synology Drive allows us to treat Sinology’s NAS solutions also as a private cloud solution with all the capabilities of the cloud, starting from collaborating between several people on files in the cloud and saving previous versions , And even more so with the ability to use it as a solution for storing, backing up and managing images, and even as a private streaming service by accessing the media files stored in it remotely.

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