The telecommunications operator Vera wants to invoice 24 million in Girona before 2027

The telecommunications operator Vera wants to invoice 24 million in Girona before 2027

2023-10-02 06:30:11

The Catalan telecommunications operator Vera the aim is to increase its presence in the regions of Girona. The company based in Gurb, Osona, currently has around 20,000 customers in the province of Girona, which represent around 12 million euros in annual turnover. The operator hopes to double these figures before 2027, which would mean around 40,000 customers and a turnover of around 24 million euros.

The merger of three companies

Vera is the merger of three companies. With a turnover in 2022 of more than 30 million euros, Goufone, with origins in the Osona region; Iguana, founded in Anoia, and Soom, from Bages, joined forces this 2023 to “promote Catalonia’s digital reality, with the aim of continuing to grow to leave a legacy in the form of its own infrastructure that covers the maximum possible territory”, say the company.

Goufone it was one telecommunications company who was born in Osona in 2010, defining himself as “the real operator of our house”. On the other hand, Iguana was founded in 2012 by a group of young engineers in the region of Anoia, with the aim of meeting a need: to bring a quality Internet connection to the region. In fact, it was the first operator to start deploying fiber optics in Igualada in 2014. Finally, Soomfibra was one Internet and telephone operator born at the beginning of the decade of 2010 in the Bages region, and that a at the end of 2021 it was acquired for Goufone.

Now, the telecom operator Vera offers Internet connection solutions through its own fiber optic, mobile and landline telephony and energy services (for sales and self-consumption) throughout Catalonia.

“At Vera we firmly believe that people’s lives can only be transformed if they are helped with a solid offer that guarantees, first of all, the best possible connection and, lastly, better connectivity”, says Marc Mundó, CEO of Vera.

180 workers

The company has 100% Catalan capital and has a total workforce of 180 workers, in addition to seven own stores. The telecommunications brand has its own network in fifteen Catalan counties and has coverage in most of Catalonia through other neutral network operators.

From the Catalan telecommunications operator they claim that “Vera wants to contribute, in a closer and more authentic way, to making Catalonia a point of reference in digitalisation, helping companies to grow”.

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