The temperament of the U70 old lady dressed like a Gen Z grandchild

The temperament of the U70 old lady dressed like a Gen Z grandchild

2023-06-10 14:15:00

Many people still think that when they are old, people will pay less attention to fashion and everyday clothes. But recently a granny The U70 proved the opposite.Are known, famous grandma on this Chinese social network has the nickname Binh Bao.Despite turning U70 and being the mother of a young woman, she always maintains a youthful appearance thanks to trendy outfits, looking like fashionistas.Binh Bao’s image is of interest to both Chinese and Vietnamese online communities.On a beauty forum, even temperament granny This is also known as “girl”.Her hair has turned gray almost all of her head, but the style is still as youthful as the current Gen Z grandchildren.In particular, looking at more pictures shared by U70 mothers on social networks, everyone couldn’t help but admire.Calling her “girl” is not wrong because her style is no different from the beauties of her twenties.Not only her face is fresh and radiant, but her aura is also extremely top-notch.Immediately after being posted, a series of photos of these old women quickly attracted the attention of internet users. Photo: Internet

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