The tension of war ended China announced the completion of military exercises on the Taiwan border China Says Taiwan Military Drills Over

Beijing: China has said it has ended military exercises along the Taiwan border and is planning regular patrols.

Earlier, China conducted an anti-aircraft missile test near the Taiwan border to protest US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China had announced that the exercise would end on Sunday. Taiwan’s military also responded by saying that if China starts a war, it is ready to face it.

In this situation, even beyond Sunday, China continued its war exercises along the Taiwan border. This was strongly criticized by Taiwan. The conflict between the two countries was expected to escalate in the coming days.

China has said that the military exercises have ended.

In a statement released by the Chinese Army, “The military exercises have been successfully completed. “Following this, we are planning to conduct regular patrols on the Taiwan border,” he said.

With this announcement by China, the war tension that has lasted for the past one week has come to an end.

Background: Taiwan became an independent country after the civil war in China in 1949. However, the Chinese government led by President Xi Jinping claims that Taiwan is an integral part of their country.

Moreover, China has often said that it will not hesitate to use military force to seize Taiwan if necessary. In addition, Chinese warplanes have regularly invaded and threatened Taiwan’s airspace.

In this case, recently the American M.P. After Nancy Pelosi’s visit, China engaged in intensive military training. It has been declared completed to the relief of the nations of the world.


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