A pregnant woman who was admitted to a government hospital in Udumalaipettai has been admitted to a private hospital for treatment by a government doctor.

Rajarajeswari, the wife of Maruthamuthu, a resident of Karatholhuvu area in Madathukulam district, was admitted to Udumalaipettai Government Hospital in Tirupur district on September 23 due to labor pains. The doctors who examined them said that the baby had died in the womb and that the baby would stay in the hospital for four days.

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Rajarajeswari has been suffering from various ailments due to the baby not coming out after four days of treatment by the female doctor who worked there, Jyoti Mani.

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Following this, a complaint was lodged on behalf of the victim. Based on this complaint, the doctor concerned was transferred and action was taken. The people of Kudalur area who knew about his action protested that he should not come to their hospital. In this situation, Tirupur District Collector Vinith has ordered the pregnant woman to return the money received for the treatment but the pregnant woman did not receive the money.

Correspondent: M. Sakthivel (Pollachi)

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