The thread of the glass-powdered kite is entangled; A young man’s larynx is cut and ends tragically – Chinese manjha | Accidental death

New Delhi: The thread of a glass-powdered kite got stuck around the neck of a biker. The incident took place on Thursday evening at Delhi’s Shastri Park flyover. A young man named Vipin Kumar (34) died. Vipin Kumar was going to his sister’s place to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. The VP was accompanied by his wife on the bike. The injured VIP was taken to the hospital by his wife with the help of locals, but he died due to a cut throat. The death was caused by Chinese kites with glass powder coating, banned in the country as per the Supreme Court order.

Flying kites using Chinese synthetic threads (Chinese Mancha) which are made with glass covering is a threat to the lives of the city dwellers. Pedestrians and two-wheeler riders are the victims of kite entanglement. Doctors also say that the necks of those who are entangled in the thread are like cuts with a knife.

Hundreds of birds get entangled in these threads during kite flying. Ahead of the Independence Day celebrations, kite flying has become rampant in many places and several accidents have also been reported. Last August, the Delhi High Court had pointed out that the accident was caused by the use of Chinese synthetic threads and not by flying kites. The Delhi High Court had ordered the government and the police to take strict action to enforce the ban on Chinese mancha.

English Summary: Delhi man dies after throat slit by Chinese manjha


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