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Mechanical hard disks have already encountered a difficult time to be replaced by SSDs, but they encountered an unprecedented downturn in PC computers. The situation can be imagined.

According to data jointly published by StorageNewsletter and Trendfocus, in the second quarter of this year, the global shipments of mechanical hard disks were 44.65 million, down 15.4% from the first quarter. The three major brands: Seagate, Western Digital, and TOSHIBA all experienced double-digit declines, of which Seagate shipped 19.88 million units, accounting for 44.5%; Western Digital shipped 16.48 million units, accounting for 36.9%; TOSHIBA shipped 8.29 million units , accounting for 18.6%.

In the Seagate product line, near-line, 2.5-inch enterprise hard drives, NAS, and surveillance hard drives all saw single-digit declines. Consumer-grade hard drives were the worst offenders. The number of people who originally bought them was decreasing. As a result, PCs The overall market situation is not strong, which makes things worse.

However, the advantages of mechanical hard disks are that the larger capacity is cheaper and the reliability is higher. In the second quarter, Seagate’s average shipment capacity increased to 7.8TB, Western Digital was also 7.8TB, and TOSHIBA was 4.4TB.

It should be for many people, now that they buy 1TB and 2TB hard drives, they probably won’t consider HDDs but all SSDs!

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