“The TNT placed in the municipality of Reggio Calabria in 2004 served to foster the political consensus of Scopelliti”

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Three sticks of TNT packed with adhesive tape but without primer. It was the one that had been found in October 2004 in a bathroom in the municipality of Reggio Calabria when Giuseppe Scopelliti was mayor. It was the police who made that discovery after a report from the secret services. But that explosive had been placed in order to “foster political consensus of the mayor Scopelliti “. This is what emerges from the documents filed by the deputy prosecutor of Reggio Calabria Giuseppe Lombardo in the appeal process “‘Ndrangheta massacre” with three information from the secret services signed by Marco Mancini.

The disclosure refers to “confidential information, of a ‘fiduciary’ nature, which he allegedly attributed to this Schirinzi Giuseppe, right-wing extremist, the paternity of intimidation, in order to favor the political consensus of the mayor Scopelliti, also indicating the existence of a sailing regatta called ‘the regatta of Ulysses‘, organized by Schirinzi himself and sponsored by the municipal administration “.

Still in the note filed in trial a Giuseppe Graviano e Rocco Santo Filippone, it emerges how the TNT operation at Palazzo San Giorgio would have been completed by a “group of subjects by Archi (district of Reggio Calabria, ed) connected to the ‘Ndrangheta, who obtained information from corrupt service subjects ”. According to a report from the blaster Giovanni Sergi, quoted in the information, that day at Palazzo San Giorgio “all the operations (of removal, ed) were personally followed by the commissioner Vincenzo Speranza”. Secret Service personnel were also present on the spot. “The blaster – it is written in the note – highlighted that the explosive, in terms of shape, weight and size, was identical to that coming from the ship ”Laura C‘(the ship with a large quantity of explosives in the hold sank in 1941 off the coast of Reggio and became, before being buried, a deposit available to the’ Ndrangheta, ed). Furthermore, according to Sergi, the attack on Palazzo San Giorgio on 6 October 2004 does not fall within the usual modus operandi of local organized crime ”.

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