The tourism sector expects an Easter with better figures than in 2019

The tourism sector expects an Easter with better figures than in 2019

Two tourists at a campsite in Girona during Easter, in a file image.
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The tourism sector expects good numbers this Easter. Catalonia expects to reach 930,000 tourists, a figure 25% higher in 2022 and 16% more than in 2019 pre-pandemic. “Recovery is a fact and normality is returning. More than 500,000 of these visitors will correspond to residents of Catalonia, 200,000 will be from the rest of the State and the third place will be for the French market, with 70,000 tourists”, detailed yesterday the general director of Tourism, Marta Domènech, in the presentation of the B-Travel salon. At the same time, the total expenditure calculated for Easter will be around 260 million euros, 5% higher than in 2022 but 5% lower than in 2019. The Costa Brava, the Costa Daurada and the coast of Barcelona will account for 65% of Catalan visitors, while 11% will bet on the Pyrenees.

«We can already talk about the year of the comeback, since we are clearly in pre-pandemic numbers“, celebrated Domènech, who also gave a forecast of overnight stays for Easter that will reach 2,734,000, 21% higher in 2022 and 14% more than in 2019. “And this is a very important figure”, the General Director of Tourism wanted to make it clear, who also wanted to highlight the good figures for this start of 2023 at Barcelona airport. Regarding prices, Domènech has stated that – despite inflation and the increase in the shopping basket – there has not been an increase in rates in the tourist sector. “It has not been noticed either in the number of reservations or in the amount of the reservations that are being made”, said the general director of Tourism.

“Another thing is that it ends up coming out in June, July or during the summer campaign. At the moment, there has not been a perceived increase in prices this Easter”, insisted Domènech.


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