The traffic police of Moscow named the most frequent violations of taxi drivers

Driving and driving without a license are some of the most common offenses committed by taxi drivers. This is stated in the Telegram channel of the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate.

During 11 months of 2021, traffic police officers in the capital prevented over 400,000 traffic violations by taxi drivers. In general, the experts listed five main violations:

– Driving a car that has not passed the inspection in the prescribed manner;

– Driving without a license;

– The presence of the taxi driver signs of intoxication;

– Driving without documents required by the traffic rules;

– Driving a machine with malfunctions or under conditions in which the operation of vehicles is prohibited.

At the same time, the traffic police noted that the number of serious consequences as a result of accidents involving taxi cars for 11 months decreased by 16.1% in annual terms. There are 1623 registered: 47 people died because of them, almost 1900 were injured.

On November 8, the Russian government supported the United Russia bill, which proposes to abolish the mandatory technical inspection for cars and motorcycles owned by Russians and used only for personal purposes. The measure will not affect company cars and vehicles used to transport passengers. The State Duma adopted the document in the first reading, but then it was sent for revision. Yesterday, the chairman of the lower house of parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, said that on December 21, the bill will be considered in the second reading, on December 22 – in the third.



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