The traffic police warned about the consequences of a shortage of auto parts in Russia

The lack of foreign spare parts and problems with maintenance can lead to a deterioration in the technical condition of cars in Russia, Vladimir Kuzin, deputy head of the Main Directorate for Road Safety (GUOBDD) of the Russian Interior Ministry, said at a press conference on the prevention of road traffic injuries. TASS writes about it.

“Problems associated with maintenance, with a shortage of spare parts, can lead to a deterioration in the technical condition of the vehicle, therefore, naturally, every road user, vehicle owner <…> first of all, he must pay serious attention to the condition of his vehicle, ”Kuzin emphasized.

According to Kuzin, in connection with the proposals of the Bank of Russia to increase the CMTPL cost corridor, not only the restoration of the car, but also its subsequent reinsurance will be expensive, which can also negatively affect the technical condition of the cars in use.

On June 22, the Bank of Russia proposed to expand the boundaries of the OSAGO tariff corridor for most categories of car owners by 26% up and down, thus, for cars, the range of the base tariff rate will be 1646-7535 rubles. According to the regulator, the new tariffs in the face of rising prices for parts will allow insurers to keep prices for careful drivers by increasing the cost of insurance for accidents.

On May 13, Kommersant, citing Tinkoff Insurance data, reported that in March-April 2022, difficulties with the supply of imported bumpers, glass, headlights and other body parts led to their shortage and an increase in prices by an average of 30%. The rise in prices was provoked both by a break in supply chains due to a special operation in Ukraine, and by the withdrawal of a number of automakers from the Russian market.


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