“The tragedy of gold” and “The spectacle of lies”, the last two works by Hamidou Zonga

2023-06-04 16:44:43

Hamidou Zonga, Burkinabè writer and journalist, signed his last two literary works “The tragedy of gold” and “The spectacle of lies”, on Thursday, June 01, 2023.

“The Tragedy of Gold”, it is the fourth book by the author, Hamidou Zonga, Burkinabè writer and journalist. In this book, he depicts the realities and difficulties facing the mining sector in Burkina Faso.

Throughout the 122 pages that make up this work, the novelist highlights the conflicts between miners and industrialists.

He goes even further to highlight the situation in which many families find themselves when their fields are destroyed for the benefit of artisanal gold mining. Hamidou Zonga also highlights the impact of this sector on the schooling of children in mining regions.

Always having the conviction to highlight the problems that undermine the lives of Burkinabè, with a tone of humor and a lot of details, Hamidou Zongo, tackled the land problem in his 5th book “The Show of Lies”.

“It’s a book that highlights all the issues related to land policy in Burkina Faso. We see individuals, politicians who set themselves up as real estate developers to sell off villagers’ land illegally, without respect for the law just to make money, ” he explained.

According to the author, this novel is the place to acquire practical advice to fight against this phenomenon experienced by all populations. “And in this book, we share tips, strategies of struggle to allow the populations concerned by this situation to learn how to organize themselves to defend their interests, to defend their localities against predators”added Hamidou Zonga.

In total, the author counts five literary works in two years. To acquire the last two literary works, all published by Zontibo editions, it will be necessary to pay 3,300 CFA francs for “The Tragedy of Gold” and 3,800 CFA francs for “The Show of Lies”.

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