The train is not that environmentally friendly at all

Dhis week bothered us. The train is touted to us as the salvation from the collapse of traffic, with a green power supply, so it’s good for the climate and your nerves. We drove the S-Bahn and ICE six times, six times the train was unpunctual. This is surely just a chain of unfortunate circumstances, and sometimes cars get stuck in traffic jams, and airplanes don’t always deal with the minute either.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

The aviators, yes, they are also environmental pigs. We thought until the colleague from the business editorial department reported on Klaus Radermacher, a computer scientist who wrote a study on behalf of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Institute for Mobility at the University of St. Gallen. The result: “Due to the immense CO2 pollution for the road and junction infrastructure, the rail transport system turns out to be significantly less environmentally friendly than is commonly assumed.” If you look at the entire infrastructure, you will see above all the vilified aircraft good. Hopefully that will not shake the facts that are disseminated by Deutsche Umwelthilfe and its Friday future allies. If things continue like this with the investigation, in the end we can even drive our car again with a clear conscience.

We may even find ourselves in the midst of a silent majority with our sympathy for individual mobility. The Deutsche Automobil Treuhand carried out a survey. Statement to be assessed: “For me, a car is a way of expressing my personality.” Approval in 2015: 54 percent. Approval in 2020: 63 percent. And, oh shock, 96 percent of buyers see their own car as indispensable. Like now, but not a discontinued model?



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