The trends in digital advertising that will sweep 2023 – EXTRADIGITAL

The trends in digital advertising that will sweep 2023 – EXTRADIGITAL
  • Short videos will be essential in advertising strategies, according to the digital marketing agency Súmate.
  • Data automation and smart bidding will bring great advances to the sector

After a 2022 marked by the war on the borders of Europe and inflation, the year 2023 appears quite uncertain. Súmate, the international Online Marketing agency, has prepared a summary of the trends in digital advertising this year. The mobile phone has become essential, especially in Spain with a penetration of 96%. For this reason, advertising strategies are increasingly being adapted to mobile platforms, which in 2023 will receive up to 51% of the investment in digital advertising.

This year there will also be a change in the platforms used in digital sales and part of the budgets will be used to find new conversion funnels such as Media Math or The Trade Desk.

Tik Tok, one of the social networks with the most users globally and one of the most popular, especially among young people, will continue to be one of the great trends in digital marketing. Along with the use of influencers, brands will achieve a greater impact in their campaigns.

The rise of video

The rise of short videos on Tik Tok has led other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to join this format, which will be essential for advertising strategies this year. Already in 2022, video marketing was one of the most important trends and now video is expected to become an essential in SEO strategy thanks to new Google services such as clip markup and seek markup.

In addition, the digital transformation will bring new advances in digital advertising such as data automation and intelligent bidding adjusted to the results obtained.

During this year it will also be possible to observe other digital advertising trends, such as native advertising, which seeks to impact the user in a less intrusive and even camouflaged way, and multi-channel strategies that, combining online and offline sales channels, can become a great opportunity to get potential customers.

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