The trial for George Floyd’s death has opened

by time news – America’s most anticipated trial officially started today with the first testimonies. TO Minneapolis, Minnesota, the reconstruction of the facts that led to the death, on May 25, 2020, of George Floyd, 46, Afro-American arrested for counterfeit twenty dollar bill.

In the dock the former policeman Derek Chauvin, 44 years old, the man who kept his knee pressed on Floyd’s neck, immobilized on the ground, for 9 ‘and 29’ ‘, indifferent to the victim’s requests for help, who had repeatedly said “I can’t breathe”. After the formation of the popular jury, twelve members plus two ‘reserves’, nine women and five men, including four African Americans and two mixed race, the first act of the trial was the complete projection of the shock video of Floyd’s death, under the eyes of witnesses who, stopped in front of the grocery store, between Chicago Avenue and 38th Street in Minneapolis, now a memorial, filmed the whole scene with their cell phones. The imagini, ended up on the net, became viral, inflaming the United States. Millions of Americans marched in protest of police brutality, using the slogan “Black Lives matter” but also making Floyd’s last invocation his own, “I can’t breathe”.

The defence argued, opening, that Floyd died of previous heart problems. The accusation re-launched showing that the policeman’s famous ‘catch’ did not last 8 ‘and 46’ ‘, as had always been said, but 9’ and 29 ”. This was the first twist, and the real news.

Then, space for witnesses. The first was the emergency number employee, 911, who witnessed the arrest. “After a few minutes I realized that something was wrong – he said – and I did what I had never done in my life: call the police to intervene on other policemen”. The woman, Jena Scurry, had called a police supervisor to report the situation. “If you want to call me a spy, go ahead and do so,” he added. His testimony, according to the indictment, shows how to an outside observer it already was clear that Floyd was in danger of his life. Not for Chauvin and his three colleagues. But now only the former agent is on trial. Assisted by the lawyers, he attended the first day in silence. IS’ accused of three counts of crime, ranging from involuntary homicide to homicide with “contempt” of the value of life, a type of indictment that exists in the state of Minnesota. The three crimes will be assessed separately, so Chauvin can be acquitted as well as convicted for all three, or part of them. If he is found guilty, the maximum sentence, adding the three crimes, reaches 75 years. Which for a 44-year-old man would be equivalent to life imprisonment.


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